The Cocoa Concept

Cocoa Husk Tea



Wake up your mind and lift your mood to enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening pick-me up whenever you please! Cocoa tea contains theobromine - an alkaloid of the cacao plant, which gives you a subtle but enduring energy boost in releasing your body’s natural “feel good” endorphins. Increase productivity sip by sip.

Please be aware that these teas are not recommended as a replacement for medically prescribed treatments or medications. Always consult a medical professional for any health conditions and questions that relate to pregnancy or any pre-existing conditions.

THE PERFECT CUP: Take 3-4 tsp. of our Cocoa Husk Tea; Add 250 ml of freshly-boiled water, brew 7-10 min; The longer the brew the more intense the flavour.

FOR THE LITTLE EXTRA GUSTO: Add your choice of milk, sugar or honey. We love a splash of coconut milk but there are no limits. Be creative!

ICED ICED BABY: Brew as described and add ice cubes to the mix to enjoy a chocolaty freshness.


  • 45g (15 servings)


  • 100% Natural Cocoa Husk Tea
  • Contains no added flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • May contain traces of nuts and other allergens

Dietary Information

  • Plant-based

  • Zero calories

  • Dairy-free

  • Caffeine-free

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