Psychic Sisters

Protection Crystal Set



Psychic Sisters Affirmation crystals sets, are hand-made and all crystals are intuitively chosen, reiki cleansed & energised. So each set is unique. The set contains different crystals & comes in a recycled cardboard tube.

Protection Crystals Set - Black - Obsidian Heart, Blue - Howlite, Brown - Tigers Eye, Clear Quartz, Green -  Bloodstone, Purple - Amethyst, Red - Jasper


  • Black - Obsidian Heart
  • Blue - Howlite
  • Brown - Tigers Eye
  • Clear Quartz
  • Green - Bloodstone
  • Purple - Amethyst
  • Red - Jasper

How to use

  • Select 3 crystals in the morning, focus on the affirmation & chant six times in your mind  "I am Protected & Safe"
  • Keep your crystals close to you throughout the day.

Additional Information

  • Crystals may vary in shape, size and colour. They may not be identical to the photograph.

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