History Heroes

Scientists Card Game



History Heroes SCIENTISTS is a fun science game and a great way to discover the greatest scientists throughout history and the science they introduced to the world. 

Our pack of Scientists contains individual cards of History Heroes’ forty greatest Scientist heroes. Each science quiz card is fantastically illustrated to represent the individual Scientist Hero and shows the scientist’s dates, their flag of birthplace and seven gripping facts about them, including a joker fact about each scientist to surprise and/or entertain.

There are many ways of playing History Heroes quiz card games. Each pack gives suggestions on how to play, or you can make up your own rules if everyone playing agrees to them!

Win the game by winning the character cards, and you win the cards by guessing/knowing the facts about each History Hero. You can use the images as clues and you can use the different levels of facts to make it as easy or as hard as you want to play the game.


  • 40 illustrated cards
  • Made from 100% recyclable card
  • Made in the U.K

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