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Sugared Lilac Pastel Swirl Candle - Set of 2

£9.60 £12


These handmade Pastel Swirl Dinner Candles are the perfect addition to any pre-loved Dazzler Co. candlestick. The swirl shape adds a touch of fun & elegance to any home! Made from natural beeswax in Kent, as they're handmade there might be some small imperfections but that's what makes them unique! 

Price is for a pack of 2 candles.


  • Height: 18 cm

Additional Information:

  • Made from beeswax.
  • Candle Safety: Remove all packaging before you light the candle. Burn indoors, away from drafts & any flammable objects or materials. Keep in sight at all times & out of reach from children & pets. Always burn on a heat resistant surface, the candle may also drip due to the nature of the wax but this is 100% biodegradable.

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